This is not a kvantum theme folder

Then copy/upload all your theme files to that folder. But usually, your purchased theme already has this folder structure and what you only need is to upload all the files you see inside the upload folder, to your OpenCart install directory. OpenCart Theme files and structure depends how complicated they are.Add a New System in EmulationStation. This tutorial is intended for those who wish to add a new system in EmulationStation. For example if you are looking to create a system for favourite games across different platforms or a separate system for roms hacks.Typically when you activate a custom theme on a site, what will happen is a bunch of files from the file system will be rendered with custom colors and images and placed under _catalogs\theme\Themed\<some-id> This is done for you under the hood through the use of instruction replacement, e.g.Why not structure your app nicely from the begining. Here is my take on, a good folder structure for your Flutter app so it's ready for scale..